The Field: Nepal

Westminster Biblical Missions is helping to assist the work of our Nepali brothers and sisters with Pastor Dennis Roe serving as our field chairman. This work came about because of the providential meeting of Pastor Roe and Pastor Krishna “Caleb” Acharya in early spring of 2015 at the Western Classis meeting of the Reformed Church in the U.S. At this meeting Pastor Caleb, a native Nepali, learned of Pastor Roe’s love for missions and his work with WBM. Pastor Caleb invited him to come and see first-hand the Gospel needs of Nepal. Since that meeting, Pastors’ Roe and Caleb have made numerous trips to Nepal. The aim has been to meet and build up sound leadership for the Nepali churches that are springing up across the land. Through Pastor Caleb’s many contacts with Christian leaders, meetings are arranged in central and western Nepal for Christian leadership conferences. Pastor Roe leads the conferences setting forth a Biblical foundation on the knowledge of God.

The work has grown from Central Nepal to far Western Nepal with over fifty congregations and groups of believers. Some are meeting in homes and others have buildings for the church to meet. Aware of the Nepali government’s legal opposition against evangelism and making converts, WBM has been working to establish “Mercy Centers.” At these locations, often in newly constructed buildings, various ministries of mercy are carried out. There is Christian outreach to the youth, Christian training for young and old, and ministry to orphans. In addition, through the instigation of Pastor Caleb and his brother Prashant, micro-businesses are being invested in to help widows and poor families to be self-supporting.

We need your help to join us in this ministry of mercy to people of Nepal. Please consider giving a one time, or even better, a monthly donation today. And remember the most important thing you can do is to pray for us. Beloved, “the fields are white for harvest” in Nepal, but “the workers are few.” Please pray!


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