General Secretary

Rev. Dennis E. Roe heads the staff and labors with each field as well as promoting the mission as a whole. He is a minister in the Reformed Church in the U.S., a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War, and served other mission agencies before becoming general secretary in 1987.

Field Secretaries

Each field is administered by field secretaries in conjunction with the General Secretary, all of whom are subject to the oversight of the Board.


Pakistan - Lahore Ministry [read more]

Rev. Dennis E. Roe - Field Chairman, an ordained minister in the Reformed Church in the U.S., and dean of students at City Seminary of Sacramento, CA.

Pastor Thomas Mayville - Assistant Field Chairman, Pastor Mayville earned his M. Div. from Mid America Reformed Seminary, and has served 2 congregations in the Reformed Church in the U.S. He also served as Missionary and Bible College Professor in Uganda, Africa for 2 1/2 years.

Rev. Sadar Ahmed Din, Director of Ministries in Pakistan for WBM, is the founding member of the Lahore Council of Bible Believing Church serving at its stated clerk.


Pakistan - Village Ministry [read more]

Rev. Dennis E. Roe - Field Chairman (see above)

Rev. Samuel David - Assistant, a Pakistani native, the son of Rev. Alexander David, founder of the village ministry in Sahiwal.


Mexico - Tarascan Indian Ministry [read more]

Dr. Bill G. Higgins, Jr. - Field Chairman, an ordained Minister in the Westminster Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly (RPCGA).


Central & Eastern Europe [read more]

Rev. Douglas Schlegel – Field Chairman, ordained minister serving in the Reformed Church in the U.S., has served for several years with WBM


Missionary At Large

Rev. Howard Sloan is the “Missionary at Large”, and an ordained Minister, formerly pastor of St. Paul’s Reformed Church in Bedford, PA. He is in the process of seeking licensure with the Reformed Church of the United States. (RCUS)


Former Missionaries (now with the Lord - deceased)

Rev. Alexander David [view]

Dr. Max Lathrop [view]

Rev. Earl Pinckney [ view ]